Mel Gibson in talks with Warner Bros. to direct ‘Suicide Squad 2’

Daddy's Home Two

Deadline reported today that Mel Gibson will star in Paramount’s Daddy’s Home 2 with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. So what’s this have to do with a DC Comics movie?

In that same report, Deadline said that Paramount isn’t the only big studio that’s been after Gibson recently. The site has heard that Warner Bros. has had conversations with Gibson about directing Suicide Squad 2.

The Hollywood Reporter has also heard that Warner Bros. is after Gibson for the Suicide Squad sequel, saying “sources say that Gibson is familiarizing himself with the material.”

Variety backs up the reports as well, adding that Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), Daniel Espinosa (Safe House), and Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies) are also on WB’s list.

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Gibson would be a very odd choice… late last year he called Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a “piece of shit”, while putting down the entire genre of big budget superhero movies.

“And it’s a piece of shit,” Gibson told Deadline during an interview after hearing about Batman v Superman’s $250 million budget. “I’m not interested in the stuff. Do you know what the difference between real superheroes and comic-book superheroes is? Real superheroes didn’t wear spandex. So I don’t know. Spandex must cost a lot.”

The Hollywood Reporter says talks are still in the early stages, so stay tuned for more as this develops.

SOURCE: Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety