DC teases Looney Tunes crossover comics

Details are scarce, but DC Comics just shared a pretty cryptic blog post:

Stay tuned.

Jonah Hex. Yosemite Sam.

Martian Manhunter. Marvin the Martian.

Lobo. The Road Runner.

Batman. Elmer Fudd.

Say what you will about corporate synergy, but… that actually sounds amazing.  I mean, Jonah Hex and Yosemite Sam?  I’d read 75 issues and four annuals of that.

Details are unknown at this point, as there are not any synopses, creative teams, or even titles accompanying the announcement.  We’ll keep you posted as we learn more, but Elmer Fudd telling Batman to be “vewwy vewwy quiet” is something I never even knew I wanted.