This Week in Comics: Robin gets a piggyback ride

It’s finally here! I’ve been waiting for Super Sons for my entire life—even before I knew it. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. It feels like Tomasi has taken the best of his Batman and Robin and Superman runs and smashed them together into something amazing. Jorge Jimenez’s art is perfect for the series, and I can’t wait to get more of this. Also, I got the Nguyen variant, and it’s just gorgeous. Go get you one.

Batman #17 was a nice, solid return to conventional storytelling. The text was clearly Tom King, but he worked it into a much more readable narrative than we’ve had in most of the past few months. Trinity had a letdown of a conclusion to its first arc, but I’m still bullish for the future. How was your week in comics?

Batman #17

Art by David Finch, Danny Miki, and Jordie Bellaire

With so much stuff going on, you’d think it might get bogged down or lose focus, but King does a great job at driving the narrative forward while balancing out all these varying elements.

– Brandon (read the full review)

Batman/TMNT Adventures

Art by Jon Sommariva

Each month the creative team surprises me with the increasing quality of the character work and sheer entertainment of the story, and this is no exception.

– Jay (read the full review)

Batwoman: Rebirth #1

Art by Steve Epting

Yes, there are many particulars which are not explained, elements and characters introduced only to be snatched back into the ether of time, but the effect is sound.

– Elena (read the full review)

Green Lanterns #17

Art by James Harren

Even if it isn’t a grand slam in terms of storytelling, there’s enough good here to recommend it.

– Jay (read the full review)

Harley Quinn #14

Art by Amanda Conner and Alex Sinclair

Despite the kind of storyline I typically would turn my nose on, this is as delightful a read as Harley Quinn almost always is.

– Elena (read the full review)

Injustice: Ground Zero #6

Art by Renato Guedes

For the most part Christopher Sebala and Brian Buccellatto seem to make it work, but it also feels like it’s resulted in an uneven work where the characterizations are just slightly off and the action is sometimes a bit wooden/formulaic/and dull.

– Elena (read the full review)

Justice League #15

Art by Yanick Paquette and Nathan Fairbairn

There’s no redeeming character work to make up for the choppy narrative, and the art is rife with problems.

– Brian (read the full review)

Mother Panic #3

Art by Mingjue Chen

Mother Panic stumbles in this issue, but it hasn’t completely dropped the ball.

– Josh (read the full review)

Nightwing #15

Art by Marcus To and Chris Sotomayor

A nice little character piece that just makes me wish we could get more one-and-done stories in comics.

– Jay (read the full review)

Nightwing: Old Friends, New Enemies

Art by Michael Wm. Kaluta

In my opinion, this is Roy Harper’s story more than it’s Dick Grayson’s, and that bothers me quite a bit.

– Josh (read the full review)

Super Sons #1

Art by Dustin Nguyen

I loved almost everything about this issue, from Jon’s mawkish innocence to Damian’s entitled snobbery, and even more when the two play off each other with some truly hilarious banter

– Jay (read the full review)

Trinity #6

Art by Francis Manapul

I like where Manapul aims, but ultimately have trouble following him there.

– Brian (read the full review)