Zack Snyder shares photo of Batman fight scene from ‘Justice League’

Justice League director Zack Snyder is still hard at work in the editing room, getting the movie ready for its November 17th release.

This morning, Snyder shared an image from inside the editing bay on Vero, and on the screen we get a look at what appears to be an epic Batman fight scene!

I’m assuming the other figures in the image are robots or maybe Parademons, and there are at least three of them in the room by my count. Could this Batman fight scene rival the epic warehouse fight from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? We can only hope so!

Update: Batman v Superman cinematographer Larry Fong said that Snyder is in a digital intermediate suite in the photo. Why is this important? Well according to Fong, if Snyder is in the DI suite, that means that editing is complete and the picture is locked!