‘Justice League’ cinematographer took inspiration from Batman v Superman’s Larry Fong

I think even Batman v Superman’s harshest critic would have a hard time saying that the movie didn’t look good. Thanks to director Zack Snyder and cinematographer Larry Fong, it looked amazing and felt like a comic book come to life. That’s why many fans were disappointed to hear that Fong wouldn’t be coming back for Justice League due to scheduling conflicts. Well fear not. We’re in good hands with cinematographer Fabian Wagner.

Wagner published a post on Instagram last night, reflecting on his work on Justice League. While Wagner says he tried to put his own stamp on the movie, he says that Fong’s work from Batman v Superman was an inspiration.

“Last year I was fortunate enough to work with Zack Snyder on his new movie ‘Justice League’. I had always been a fan of his work and of his long time cinematographer Larry Fong. I tried to put my own stamp onto it but Larry’s dark and beautiful lighting was a huge source of inspiration. I had the best time working with all of those guys.”

You can check out Wagner’s work in the Justice League trailer that was released last year at Comic-Con below. Hopefully that new trailer will arrive soon so we have even more footage to look at!

SOURCE: Fabian Wagner (Instagram)