Upcoming Comics: February 22, 2017

DC should release their May 2017 solicitations today or tomorrow, so keep an eye out for our coverage of what’s to come! Other than that, I’m going to keep things short and sweet, and wish everyone a happy President’s Day! If you’re one of the lucky few that are free of the burden of work, enjoy it and read some comics!

Alright, on to business! For a collection of our opinions pertaining to last week’s releases, make sure you check out This Week In Comics. This week’s releases are listed in order of what I’m most excited to read, to what I’m least excited to read. For each title, I’ll include the official solicitation, the talent credits, more of my randomness, and the Batman News team member that will be reviewing each book. Should you have trouble picking one cover, no worries! The poll is open so you can select as many covers as you’d like. Then, as always, you’ll find graphic novels scheduled for release this week, along with their cover as well (note: graphic novel covers will not be included in the poll for best cover). And of course, I (we) want to hear from you in the comments section! What titles are you picking up? What do you hope to see? And what are your thoughts about the order of my list? So, without further ado…


February 22nd

Detective Comics #951
“League of Shadows” part one! The next big DETECTIVE arc explodes here as the League of Shadows goes from mysterious rumor to deadly fact! What’s their plan for Gotham City? And how will their actions affect Batman and his team?

Art by Christian Duce Fernandez
Cover by Eber Ferreira and Eddy Barrows
Variant cover by Rafael Albuquerque
Written by James T Tynion IV

Random Blurb of Excitement: Cassandra and Shiva! CASSANDRA AND SHIVA!!! Clearly I’m excited, and quite frankly, you should be too! Tynion has been building to this story ever since the debut of his run on Detective Comics, and I have every ounce of faith that he’ll deliver!

Batman News Critic: Brandon



Justice League of America #1
Meet the Extremists—self-proclaimed saviors from another Earth, they thirst for peace, prosperity and total submission to the will of their leader, Lord Havok! How can the newly assembled JLA stop this group of misguided maniacs before the Extremists unleash their own unique—not to mention dangerous!—brand of law and order on our chaotic world?

Art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado
Cover by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado
Variant cover by Mark Brooks
Written by Steve Orlando

Random Blurb of Excitement: Finally! We are finally going to get an idea of the stories Steve Orlando has planned for this title. Considering Justice League is a complete mess, let’s hope that JLA is, at the very least, decent. I don’t think that’s asking too much.

Batman News Critic: Josh



Suicide Squad #12
“BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE” part two! Determined to unmake all the world’s institutions of governance and control, [REDACTED] orchestrates a series of prison breakouts across the DC Universe, forcing Harley Quinn, Deadshot and the rest of the Suicide Squad into their most dangerous mission yet: keeping their former super-villain comrades in jail.

Art by John Romita Jr.
Cover by John Romita Jr.
Variant cover by Lee Bermejo
Written by Rob Williams

Random Blurb of Excitement: I don’t think anyone reading this title believes for a second that Amanda Waller is dead, and I believe Williams knows that as well. Because of that, I can’t wait to see where he takes the narrative. I’m also super anxious to find out what Waller really is up to… But then, unfortunately, there’s Romita’s art…

Batman News Critic: Josh



Batgirl #8
“Son of Penguin” part two! It’s hard enough to juggle a new boyfriend when you’re not secretly investigating him for super-villainy! But is Batgirl dating Ethan Cobblepot to get to bottom of his new tech business…or could she actually like him? Plus, Magpie strikes!

Art by Christian Wildgoose
Cover by Christian Wildgoose
Variant cover by Francis Manapul
Written by Hope Larson

Random Blurb of Excitement: I still have reservations about this arc, however, the first issue was solid. If Larson doesn’t focus too heavily on a romantic connection between Babs and Ethan, then this could be a lot of fun!

Batman News Critic: Elena


Teen Titans #5
“Damian Knows Best” finale! The final showdown between the Teen Titans and the Demon’s Fist is here! Will the Teen Titans rally behind their little leader? And will Ra’s al Ghul let anyone walk away alive?

Art by Wade Von Grawbadger and Khoi Pham
Cover by Khoi Pham
Variant cover by Chris Burnham
Written by Benjamin Percy

Random Blurb of Excitement: I’ve enjoyed Percy’s work in Rebirth, and Teen Titans is no exception. There’s still room for growth and improvement with this title, but it looks as though Percy and team are moving in the right direction.

Batman News Critic: Brian



Batman ’66 Meets Wonder Woman  ’77 #2
Bruce Wayne is only ten—and he’s already being hunted by Nazi soldiers and Ra’s al Ghul’s mysterious League of Shadows! Join the chase as he makes a discovery vital to his bat-future and watch what happens when Wonder Woman comes to the rescue!

Art by Karl Kesel and David Hahn
Cover by Mike Allred
Written by Jeff Parker and Marc Andreyko

Random Blurb of Excitement:  The first issue left a little something to be desired, but I still have hope that things will improve. With such iconic interpretations of these characters, it’ll be a total let down if the narrative doesn’t improve.

Batman News Critic: Jay



Batman Beyond #5
“ESCAPING THE GRAVE” finale! Batman and Terminal face off for the last time as secrets are revealed that will affect Terry McGinnis forever! Now all that remains is to shut down Terminal’s plans for ruling Gotham City and save his friend Dana. But doing both of those things may not be possible, and that will leave Terry having to make a deadly choice!

Art by Bernard Chang
Cover by Bernard Chang
Variant cover by Martin Ansin
Written by Dan Jurgens

Random Blurb of Excitement: I don’t want to say that I dislike this arc, but I’m ready to move on! “Escaping the Grave” hasn’t quite lived up to my expectation, so I’ll happily close this chapter, and move to the next.

Batman News Critic: Josh





  • Additional DC releases this week: Blue Beetle #6, Deathstroke #13, Supergirl: Being Super #2, The Flash #17, The Hellblazer #7, and Wonder Woman #17.  
  • Harley’s Little Black Book #6 has been rescheduled for October 24th November 30th December 28th January 25th March 8th
  • Mother Panic #4 has been pushed back to March 8th.
  • Deathstroke #5 and Deathstroke #6 feature Raptor and will be covered in next month’s Break (from) the Bat post.


Cover of the Week:

Now, with all of this week’s releases listed above, it’s time for you to sound off! What’s the best cover that is being released this week? If you’re like me, and can’t decide on just one, then you can select multiple if you would like. Vote using the poll below, and we’ll announce the winner next week.

Last week’s results can be found in the spoiler tag.


Best cover of February 15, 2017 is Batman #17 by David Finch with 26% of the votes.

  1. Batwoman: Rebirth #1 by Steve Epting (16%)
  2. Nightwing #15 by Marcus To (14%)
  3. Super Sons #1 by Jorge Jimenez (13%)
  4. Trinity #6 by Francis Manapul (13%)
  5. Justice League #15 by Matt Ryan and Fernando Pasarin (7%)
  6. Green Lanterns #17 by James Harren (7%)
  7. Mother Panic #3 by Tommy Lee Edwards (5%)
  8. Justice League #15 by Matt Ryan and Fernando Pasarin (3%)
  9. Green Lanterns #17 by James Harren (3%)
  10. Harley Quinn #14 by Amanda Conner (2%)
  11. Injustice: Ground Zero #6 by Renato Guedes (2%)
  12. Teen Titans Go! by Daniel Hipp (1%)


Graphic Novel Watch:

Batman: Night of the Monster Men – The first Batman crossover of DC Rebirth is here in BATMAN: NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN!

It’s the storm of the century, and it’s headed straight for Gotham City. The guardians of this sprawling urban center-Nightwing, Batwoman and the Batman himself-think they’ve prepared for the worst.

They have no idea.

Thanks to the machinations of the macabre scientist Dr. Hugo Strange, the storm has unleashed a rain of monsters upon the city. Colossal creatures are stomping through the streets, terrorizing the citizens and challenging the skills of even Gotham’s greatest heroes.

Can the Dark Knight and his allies stem the tide of destruction? Or will the Night of the Monster Men mark the fall of the Bat?

Find out in BATMAN: NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN, the first crossover of the DC Rebirth era from the creative team of Steve Orlando (MIDNIGHTER), Tom King (BATMAN), Tim Seeley (BATMAN ETERNAL), James Tynion IV (DETECTIVE COMICS), Riley Rossmo (CONSTANTINE: THE HELLBLAZER), Roge Antonio (BATGIRL AND THE BIRDS OF PREY) and Andy MacDonald (THE NEW 52: FUTURES END). This epic of horror and heroism collects BATMAN #7-8, NIGHTWING #5-6 and DETECTIVE COMICS #941-942.


Batman Beyond Vol. 3: Wired For Death – When Terry McGinnis died on a mission in the past, Tim Drake-the former Red Robin-was brought into the future to take up his mantle. Now, mentored by Commissioner Barbara Gordon, Tim has picked up where Terry left off in this futuristic Gotham City…and that includes bringing Terry’s little brother, Matt, onto the team.

But Tim picked a dangerous time to recruit a young ally. The electricity-manipulating criminal known as Rewire has been on a crime spree, stealing stronger and stronger batteries in an attempt to keep himself alive. There’s only one problem: the man who used to wear the Rewire suit has been found dead…so who’s this new Rewire?

As Tim, Barbara and Matt dig deeper into the mystery, they will expose secrets about Batman’s past…and set the stage for the next startling evolution of Batman Beyond!

Writer Dan Jurgens (SUPERMAN: LOIS AND CLARK), artist Bernard Chang (GREEN LANTERN CORPS) and colorist Marcelo Maiolo (GREEN LANTERN CORPS) take the world of the classic Batman Beyond animated series in a shocking new direction! Collects BATMAN BEYOND #12-16 and a sneak peek of BATMAN BEYOND: REBIRTH #1.


Cosmic Odyssey: The Deluxe Edition – A deadly force like none the universe has ever seen is rising. Millennia ago, it wiped out hundreds of star systems and pushed the planets of New Genesis and Apokolips back into the Stone Age. Now, Lord Darkseid alone has seen the danger that is coming. He needs help, but the monsters and deviants that serve him on Apokolips will be no match for an entity this powerful. To save his realm and others, Darkseid must look for help in the camp of his enemies…Only heroes can help him now.

The champions of Earth, New Genesis and Apokolips unite in COSMIC ODYSSEY: THE DELUXE EDITION, from writer Jim Starlin (BATMAN: A DEATH IN THE FAMILY) and artists Mike Mignola (Hellboy), Carlos Garzón (THE WITCHING HOUR) and Steve Oliff (Spawn). This edition collects the complete classic miniseries.


Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Five Vol. 2 – The final countdown to the world of the smash-hit video game continues! It’s Year Five of the Man of Steel’s iron-fisted dominion over all life on Earth, and the villains are taking center stage.

CATWOMAN. She’s been one of the insurgency’s most stalwart soldiers. But when she returns to a life of crime and faces the new Nightwing-none other than Damian Wayne, the Son of Batman-will her nine lives run out?

HARLEY QUINN. Between the Joker’s fanatical following, the righteous justice of Batwoman and the power of her new crush, Shazam, will she live to laugh another day?

BIZARRO. When Lex Luthor and Doomsday team up to put an end to this warped mirror image of Superman’s reign of terror, can the misbegotten monster survive?

ZSASZ. The horrifically scarred serial killer has committed a crime so heinous that only the combined might of Superman’s new right-hand man, Damian Wayne, and his greatest enemy-and Damian’s father, Batman-can set things right…

Experience the horror, power and grandeur of the video game-inspired comic that’s become a phenomenon in its own right in INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US: YEAR FIVE VOL. 2, from writer Brian Buccellato and a team of talented artists! Collects issues #8-14.


Superman/ Batman Vol. 5 – Gotham’s masked protector, Batman, has trained extensively to become a feared caped crusader. His Kryptonian friend Superman was born with superhuman abilities that Earth-born humans could never dream of. Together they are the World’s Finest.

When the Silver Banshee attacks Superman, her sonic scream nearly kills the Man of Steel. Mysteriously, his superhuman powers are transferred to Batman, leaving Superman weak and vulnerable. But the Banshee’s devastating attack did more than just gift Batman with Superman’s powers: it also lit a fire of jealousy in the Dark Knight, who vows to keep Superman’s abilities forever. Will Batman succumb to his mad desire to stay superhuman? Can Superman stop Batman without the use of his extraordinary gifts?

Writers Michael Green and Mike Johnson (SUPERGIRL) and artist Rags Morales (IDENTITY CRISIS) bring you one of the darkest struggles Superman and Batman have ever faced. SUPERMAN/BATMAN VOLUME 5 collects the classic series SUPERMAN/BATMAN #50-63 and SUPERMAN/BATMAN ANNUAL #3.