First look: All-Star Batman #8

Scott Snyder’s All-Star Batman has been genuinely insane, and frequently in the best possible way.  There was the bonkers “Two-Face and Batman vs. all of the assassins” concept of the first arc, the frightening mood of the Mr. Freeze issue, and the heartbreaking reverse chronology of his Poison Ivy installment.

When Batman travels down to Mississippi to confront the Mad Hatter, though, Snyder has the Caped Crusader plumb new depths of insanity.  Namely: hitting Nightwing in the face.

With a flamingo.

That is also a robot machine gun.


The ninth issue, which is the third part of the “Ends of the Earth” arc, doesn’t come out until March 15th, but enjoy this sneak peek in the meantime.  It’s truly bananas, and there are some pretty sweet variant covers from Giuseppi Camuncoli and Francesco Francavilla to boot.