‘Suicide Squad’ concept art shows Joker in the Batmobile, at the drive-thru, and in the final act

Concept artist Ed Natividad shared some of his work from Suicide Squad and once again we get to see what could have been.

Perhaps the most interesting reveal here is a scene between The Joker and Batman that never made the movie. We see The Joker just sitting in the Batmobile, waiting for Batman to return. In the movie we see Batman returning to an empty Batmobile with Harley Quinn, and perhaps early on The Joker was waiting for the both of them.

Next we get to see The Joker and Harley Quinn at a McDonald’s drive-thru. This could have taken place before the Batmobile chase scene, and probably would’ve been pretty entertaining.

There’s also concept art that shows The Joker emerging from his helicopter that Amanda Waller shot down, as well as him joining Enchantress to take on the Suicide Squad in the final act of the movie. This is where that footage of him from the trailers with the grenade as he yells “bye bye!” is from.

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We also get to see concept art for The Scarecrow, hinting that he may have almost been a part of the Suicide Squad. Check out all the awesome new concept art in the gallery below.

SOURCE: Ed Natividad