New ‘Wonder Woman’ trailer coming soon, possibly this weekend

Update: The new Wonder Woman trailer will not be playing in theaters this week with Kong: Skull Island as previously speculated. However, there will be new footage this Saturday during the Kids Choice Awards, and that’s probably when we can expect to see the new trailer now.

Warner Bros.’ big blockbuster Kong: Skull Island opens this coming Friday, and while many speculated that this would be the perfect time for the much anticipated Justice League trailer, it looks like we’re getting another DC Comics movie trailer instead.

Just two days ago, Alberta Film Ratings has approved a brand new Wonder Woman trailer, which clocks in at 2 minutes and 23 seconds. As TrailerTrack points out, the timing of this approval means that it’s likely going to be attached to Kong: Skull Island on March 10th. We should expect it online this week too!

This coming week is going to be full of Wonder Woman news. Last week a few bloggers got to visit the Wonder Woman editing suite in London for an exclusive look at some new footage. They’ll be able to write about what they saw tomorrow, so stay tuned to Batman News for those reports. Batman News has also been told that Wonder Woman footage is premiering on Saturday, March 11th at the Kids Choice Awards.

VIA: TrailerTrack