‘Wonder Woman’ set reports reveal new info, scene descriptions, and more

Collider visited the Wonder Woman set back in February 2016, and then again last week to see some full scenes, and today they get to tell us everything that they learned!

First, let’s start with an action scene. Collider describes it as being better than anything we’ve seen in a DC Comics and most Marvel movies thus far.

The scene begins with Wonder Woman, Trevor, and their crew going through the trenches, trying to figure out how to get around the fighting. Wonder Woman is confused about why they’re trying to avoid battle, and learns from a scared civilian woman than other civilians have been forced into slavery by the German troops. While Trevor tries to make the case that they need to stay on mission, that’s not good enough for Wonder Woman. She climbs out of the trench and starts charging at the enemy line. The German troops fire on her, but she deflects bullets with her bracelets and then deflects mortars with her shield. Trevor realizes that Wonder Woman is drawing the enemy fire, so he and his fellow soldiers climb out of the trench and follow Wonder Woman into battle.

The scene ends with Wonder Woman, Trevor, and the troops breaching the German line and taking down a bunch of German soldiers. No, it’s not Superman punching Zod through a bunch of buildings. It’s not the Batmobile blowing up city streets. It’s so much better. It’s a character-driven moment where the action on screen follows the best version of the hero. How good was this scene? I’ll put it this way: I saw it with a bunch of fellow superhero movie nerds, and we’re a pretty jaded bunch. We’ve seen all the superhero films, and while we always want them to succeed, we’re also skeptical. After seeing this scene, we were absolutely giddy.

And while Collider didn’t get to speak to Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins during their 2016 set visit, they did get a chance to speak to her last week. Here’s what she had to say about the tone of the movie:

Can you talk a bit about the DC “tone” and how Wonder Woman fits into that?

JENKINS: All I can say is that from my point of view, there is no mandate on tone that I experienced. So I think every filmmaker is making their own movie in the tone that they see right for that movie. So I have no pressure on me to not do the same. So I came in saying, “Superman 1” and “It’s an origin story” and casting Chris, who I knew and was so funny, and all of these things. And they were seeing it shape up as what it shaped up as and supporting it. I think that will also be true with Aquaman and Flash all of those movies. I don’t think there is one tone. I think maybe Christopher Nolan had a serious tone, and Zack [Snyder] has a different tone that is also serious in a different way. So I think it became a perception that there was one tone, but that’s not what I had heard. I heard that there were these different superheroes and I was coming in to make one. And I was supported it making it the tone I wanted to make it.

For Collider’s full and excellent coverage, check out all of the links below! (Update: It looks like Collider posted their articles a little early, but the Google cached links below should work for now)

If you prefer video, Joblo put one together and spoke about everything they learned too: