The Superhero News Show #83: Wonder Woman set reports

If you didn’t know, I launched a website called Superhero News and a YouTube show called The Superhero News Show about two years ago. I just brought in new hosts that will be familiar to DC Comics fans — Sean Gerber from the Batman News podcast and Mark Hughes from Forbes. Their very first episode of Superhero News just went live and since there was a lot of DC talk I wanted to share it all with you.

On The Superhero News Show #83, Sean and Mark discuss the Wonder Woman set reports that came out earlier in the week. They also talk about the Batmobile’s new weapons in Justice League and the possibility of Warner Bros. making R-rated superhero movies again. Watch all that and more in the video above.

This is a weekly show, so if you like what you see please subscribe to Superhero News on YouTube. Sean and Mark will be recording a reaction to tomorrow’s new Wonder Woman trailer as well, so stay tuned for that!