This Week in Comics: Shiva makes Batman look like a chump

I liked ‘Tec #952 well enough, but I have to agree with a lot of you guys: Bats doesn’t look like the world-class martial artist we know and love. I get it—Shiva’s amazing—but she shouldn’t make Bruce look like Paul Blart.

Red Hood remained one of my favorites with a tight one-and-done look at Artemis’s past. As much as I can’t stand Guy Gardner, I enjoyed Hal and the GLC immensely, and Action Comics #975 was the easy stack-topper for me. Also, don’t tell anyone, but I haven’t read JLA yet. How was your week?

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #8

Art by Yanick Paquette and Nathan Fairbairn

Yes, there are worse books out there, but that doesn’t mean we should settle for mediocrity – especially when this title could be outstanding

– Josh (read the full review)

Detective Comics #952

Art by Rafael Albuquerque

Despite the fact that Tynion chose to step on the toes of the past in his latest chapter for Detective Comics, I actually found his alterations to be quite tasteful and respectful.

– Brandon (read the full review)

Detective Comics, Vol. 6: Icarus

Art by Francis Manapul

Like Icarus himself, this collection flies high and falls just short of touching the sun.

– Jay (read the full review)

Gotham Academy: Second Semester #7

Art by Karl Kerschl

If you’re one of the individuals who was reading Gotham Academy and gave up on it, you need to get back in here right now.

– Brandon (read the full review)

Justice League/Power Rangers #3

Art by Karl Kerschl

The context of the team-up works, everyone is getting along in a way that makes sense, and the Justice Leaguers are just fun to watch as they zip around battling great krakens all over the world.

– Elena (read the full review)

Justice League of America #2

Art by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Marcelo Maiolo

I can only hope that it’s a temporary stumble, but considering how negatively this issue impacts the foundation of the arc, I can’t imagine future issues being much better.

– Josh (read the full review)

Red Hood and the Outlaws #8

Art by Kenneth Rocafort

The interactions between Jason and Artemis are as excellent as they’ve been throughout the series, and the fleshing out of Artemis adds a welcome layer to her character without blotting out the qualities that have made her so likable thus far.

– Brian (read the full review)

Suicide Squad #13

Art by John Romita, Jr., Richard Friend, and Dean White

I can’t give too many details of this issue without giving away spoilers, but know that the execution is nearly perfect as far as the narrative is concerned.

– Josh (read the full review)

Titans #8

Art by Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, and Andrew Dalhouse

Abnett and Booth deliver again, and Titans #9 sets itself up for a follow-up issue that should be high-energy and action packed.

– Josh (read the full review)