Report: ‘The Batman’ script is being rewritten from scratch

Warner Bros.

Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns worked on a script for The Batman that Ben Affleck was never truly happy with. Last we heard, he brought in Batman v Superman and Justice League writer Chris Terrio to work on a draft, but now a new rumor says that they’re starting over.

Sources tell /Film that The Batman script is being rewritten from scratch and that it’s possible that everything we’ve heard about the movie’s story, like Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke, could no longer be in play.

If this is true, it’s possible that new director Matt Reeves has a different Batman story he wants to tell, thus the reboot on the script.

And speaking of Reeves, his commitments to War of the Planet of the Apes will keep him busy through June. After the movie opens in July, he will be able to start meeting with actors to cast in The Batman, but production is not likely to begin until 2018, according to Variety’s Justin Kroll. This likely scenario was also discussed by Sean Gerber and Mark Hughes on the latest episode of the Batman News podcast.