Hans Zimmer on why he prefers Christian Bale as Batman over Ben Affleck

In a new interview with Inverse, composer Hans Zimmer got honest about his opinion of Batman and Ben Affleck’s performance, and also repeated what he said earlier this year: the right script could get him out of superhero movie retirement.

“I spent months trying to come up with something for Ben,” Zimmer explained. “The Batman that I know and the one I learned is the one that Christian did, and Ben plays it differently. And I can’t quite shake that off. For me, the Christian Bale character was always completely unresolved. It was always about that moment at the beginning of the first movie, where he sees his parents getting killed. It was basically arrested development. The Ben character is more middle-aged; he seems to be grumpy as hell, but I didn’t feel the pain that I felt in Christian’s performance. And it was that pain that made me interested.”

As for Hans Zimmer and his superhero retirement, it sounds like director Ron Howard as talked him out of it. Zimmer is just waiting for an “amazing” superhero movie script.

“Ron Howard actually said something very smart to me,” Zimmer told Inverse. “He said, ‘Don’t say you will never do a superhero movie again. Wait for somebody to turn up with an amazing script for a superhero movie.’ And I suppose that’s what I’m saying: Can I please have the amazing script?”

Between Zimmer’s comments about Ben Affleck as Batman and wanting to see an amazing script, I guess he wasn’t the biggest fan of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Zimmer’s music for Man of Steel was my favorite part of that movie, so hopefully Man of Steel 2’s script will persuade him to come back.

SOURCE: Inverse