Super fans from Ecuador built a ‘Batman v Superman’ Batmobile replica in 4 months

This week I was contacted by Jorge Loor. He and his two friends Andrès Quirola and Jorge Rodrìguez co-founded a company based in Guayaquil, Ecuador called Adapta. The company works on projects ranging from classic car restoration to architecture, and since they’re big Batman fans they decided to build their very own Batmobile!

In December 2015, Adapta (a team of 15 people) set out to make a replica of Ben Affleck’s Batmobile from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. They used parts from different vehicles, like an engine with automatic transmission from a Ford Bronco and a Toyota Stout chassis, to put together the base of the car. They made a custom all terrain suspension, hydraulic direction, A/C system, and electronics in general to assure the vehicle was drivable.

Making the outer shell was the most challenging part of the project, since they didn’t have any blueprints to go off of. Adapta gathered as many set photos of the Batmobile and official promotional shots they could find, and were able to create a very true to form replica after a lot of trial and error.

The team’s first test drive was actually on opening night of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. They took their Batmobile on the road for the first time on the way to the movie theater, and unfortunately it overheated and broke down half way there. Thankfully, they were able to get it fixed and made it in time. As you can probably guess, the big Batmobile scene was their favorite and they loved every minute of it.

Since then, the Batmobile has been available for rent at various comic book events, and Adapta was invited to show off their car at the very first Ecuadorian Comic-Con. The team has been hard at work on another Bat-vehicle, Christian Bale’s Bat-pod from The Dark Knight, and they’ll be showing that off at Comic-Con Ecuador later this year. A Justice League version of the Batmobile is also in the works. You can keep up with Adapta on Facebook and Instagram.

Big thanks to Jorge Loor for reaching out and sharing his story with Batman News. I think he and his team did an incredible job and I’m happy to share it with all of you! You can check out some videos of their replica Batmobile in action below.