Warner Bros. opens office in Beijing, China

Shutterstock - Kevin Tsujihara - Featurflash Photo Agency
Shutterstock - Kevin Tsujihara - Featurflash Photo Agency

Warner Bros. opened a new office in Beijing, China today. CEO Kevin Tsujihara was on hand to celebrate.

“Warner Bros. has been producing world-class films and TV shows for almost 100 years, and we look forward to sharing our expertise with our partners in China as well as with up-and-coming talent to benefit the entire entertainment industry,” said Tsujihara in a statement at the reception. “In the spirit of true cultural exchange, we are eager to learn from our partners and share great Chinese stories with audiences around the world.”

China, the second largest movie market, accounted for nearly $100 million of Batman v Superman’s $873 million worldwide box office gross last year. Suicide Squad never had a chance to benefit from Chinese audiences, as the movie was banned in their country for unknown reasons.

Hopefully with their new office in Beijing, Warner Bros. can develop the relationships necessary to avoid DC Comics movies being banned in the future.

SOURCE: Variety