New ‘Justice League’ and ‘Wonder Woman’ footage, plus ‘Aquaman’ concept art screened at CinemaCon

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Warner Bros. just wrapped up its presentation at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, and they had their biggest DC Comics movie stars there to help.

As rumored, Ben Affleck was in attendance, along with Justice League director Zack Snyder, Jason Momoa, Henry Cavill, Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher, and Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins and Chris Pine. Gal Gadot was home with her newborn baby, but sent in a video message.

On the DC side of things, Jason Momoa kicked things off by talking about Justice League. He said he’s seen it, and said it’s the “greatest movie in the world.”  He then announced that he leaves for Australia tonight for Aquaman, and showed video filled with concept art from the movie. Everything looks beautiful from the reactions online, and Black Manta’s concept art is said to be very comic book accurate.

Next Patty Jenkins and Chris Pine took the stage to talk about Wonder Woman. They showed footage that screened previously during a set visit, you can check out some descriptions here. In terms of new footage, a clip of the alleyway scene that we’ve seen in the trailers was shown. There was also new footage shown between Diana Prince and Steve Trevor chatting with each other on a boat on the way to London.

To close the presentation, the cast of Justice League and director Zack Snyder showed off an extended version of the new trailer that just came out. Here’s a description of the new footage from The Hollywood Reporter:

Alfred (Jeremy Irons) tells Bruce Wayne that his employer has been working like there is no tomorrow trying to assemble the team. Soon, we’re in a Wayne warehouse, where he’s working on a giant vehicle.

Bruce remarks that he spent $1 million on the security for that building, to which Wonder Woman (Gadot) answers he got his money’s worth, because it took (her) almost a minute to disable it. He explains the vehicle he’s working on his a troop carrier (it seemed reminiscent of something from the Batman v Superman nightmare dream sequence.)

Later in the footage, Batman and Barry Allen/The Flash are standing on a roof (out of costume) and they see the Batsignal in the sky.

“Oh awesome. It’s the Batsignal! That’s your signal,” Barry tells Bruce, before apologizing for speaking too loudly about it. “That means we have to go now. That’s so cool.”

For more details on everything I spoke about here, be sure to check out The Hollywood Reporter’s articles below. They were there and have fantastic write-ups!

Warner Bros. / DC Comics CinemaCon 2017 footage descriptions: