Joss Whedon’s Batgirl movie will be based on The New 52 comics

Earlier today we learned that Joss Whedon was in final talks to write, direct, and produce a Batgirl movie set in the DC Films universe, and now Entertainment Weekly has details on which comics will influence the story.

According to EW, Barbara Gordon, daughter of Commissioner Gordon, will be Batgirl in Joss Whedon’s movie. It’ll be based on the New 52 version of the character.

In The New 52 version of “Batgirl”, which was launched in 2011 by writer Gail Simone, Barbara Gordon has recovered from the paralyzing attack she suffered from The Joker in “The Killing Joke”, thanks to experimental surgery. She’s back to her old, crimefighting self, though she’s still haunted by the memory of the Joker.

EW says that the movie will “follow Simone’s harder-edged storyline rather than the more comical, playful “Batgirl of Burnside” series that was rebooted in 2014, featuring the hero as a social-media obsessed student living in a hipster neighborhood of Gotham.”

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SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly