‘Justice League’ producer and Zack Snyder debunk runtime rumor

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I wasn’t even going to cover this ridiculous story on Batman News, but since it’s been debunked now I wanted to share it so that no one is falling for all the fake news that is out there.

Earlier this week a rumor was going around that said Justice League was 170 minutes long. The rumor originated from IMDb, which as of now still has the movie listed at 2 hours and 50 minutes. IMDb can be edited by its users, just like Wikipedia, so you should always proceed with caution when using it as a source of info. But then there’s the obvious reason as to why this was a fake story… Justice League is still 8 months away!

There’s no way they’d have a finished cut of the movie and know the runtime this far out. Thankfully, Justice League producer and DC Films co-president Jon Berg has taken to Twitter to debunk this rumor. Berg’s account isn’t verified, but he’s followed by Geoff Johns and Patty Jenkins, and Johns has publicly tweeted at him before, confirming its legitimacy.

Update: And now Justice League director Zack Snyder has replied to Jon Berg to laugh at this “rumor”.

So there you have it! There is no official runtime for Justice League at this time. Anything you read before around September or October is probably going to be completely false. When the runtime gets officially announced, you can read it here first on Batman News!