‘Suicide Squad’ songs streamed over 2.5 billion times, producer teases ‘Suicide Squad 2’ soundtrack

Suicide Squad was a massive hit. Not just at the box office, but musically as well. The soundtrack went gold, and there were four major singles and music videos released. Atlantic Records EVP Kevin Weaver boasted about the movie’s successful music on Instagram today.

“Over 1 billion streams on Spotify alone for the 4 Suicide Squad singles and this comes only 8 months since the release of the project,” Weaver said. “Thank you to everyone who rocked these records over and over again all around the world 🙏 Squad 2, Gotham City Sirens (aka The Harley Quinn Movie) and more coming your way soon.”

“1.5 billion streams to date on YouTube on our 4 squad music videos. Mind blowing,” he added.

That’s 2.5 billion streams just on Spotify and YouTube alone. If you factor in other music streaming services that don’t make their stats public (like Apple Music and Google Play Music), we’re looking at over 3 billion streams on the Suicide Squad soundtrack alone.

Richard Suckle, a producer on Suicide Squad, replied to Weaver’s posts and teased that even bigger things would come in Suicide Squad 2. “We must do it again!,” he said on one post. “Just wait for Squad 2 s-track!,” he added on another.