New ‘Wonder Woman’ image puts Gal Gadot in the trenches of war

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Last week we got 20 new hi-res Wonder Woman images, and this week we got one more thanks to USA Today.

The new image is part of USA Today’s latest feature, “10 movies you absolutely, positively must see this summer”. Their portion about Wonder Woman includes some quotes from director Patty Jenkins:

Not only is Wonder Woman noteworthy for giving DC Comics’ female icon her first solo film but also for putting its superhero in a real-world setting: World War I. Princess Diana (Gadot) of Themyscira is introduced to the world of men during “the first mechanized war, where mankind is really pushing the boundaries of what they’re willing to do to each other,” says Jenkins. “If you tried to do it in a more literal event that we all know the details of, it would bog it down. (It would be) an alternate reality where you’re like, ‘That’s not how Watergate went.’ It could be more complicated.” Jenkins also used the era as a way to reflect social issues of more modern times: “She’s never met men before, so she has zero understanding of sexism in kind of a hilarious way. It just seems totally absurd to her.”