‘Wonder Woman’ director comments on villain Ares, the humor, Marvel, and more

ComicBook.com caught up with Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins at WonderCon last weekend to talk about her upcoming movie. They touched on all kinds of topics like the villain Ares, the humor, working with Zack Snyder and Geoff Johns, and how her experience working with Marvel on Thor: The Dark World helped influence Wonder Woman.

You can check out the full interview with Jenkins in the video below:

How the humor compares to Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad

“I think there’s funny things in both of those films but we definitely went for making a funny film. I was always basing it on Superman 1 and on Indiana Jones. I wanted to make a classic film where you’re laughing and you’re in love with them and then they’re off on a great adventure. It’s definitely in the pursuit of our film.”

On callbacks to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

“There are things here and there but it’s a standalone film. It should succeed to people who have seen Batman v Superman or not seen anything.”

Why Ares was the right villain for Wonder Woman

“I mean I think he’s the biggest villain of Wonder Woman’s world, and so I think if you’re going to start off big, start off right with the greatest villain.”

“It was a great delight to place him in the world in a way where he believes in exactly what a real true Ares does. And what kind havoc would Ares wreak on this planet and how? There’s some pretty good jobs to put them in for that.”

How working with Marvel on Thor: The Dark World helped influence Wonder Woman

“I mean they’re very similar in a lot of ways. It’s a lot of the same questions and a lot of the same struggles that I was interested in Thor’s story are here, although in that case it was the second movie so it could never have been as pure and as simple of an arc so I really think it was meant to be that I ended up doing this one, which I had always wanted to do anyway. And I got to do it in a kind of bigger and purer arc rather than putting it in that other story.”