‘Batman v Superman’ concept art shows a more comic accurate Doomsday

One of the most criticized characters in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was the villain Doomsday. Many fans weren’t happy with his final design, and new pieces of concept art reveal that more comic book accurate versions were explored.

Concept artist Jerad S.Marantz shared the early Doomsday designs on his Instagram account. “Here’s a very early Doomsday concept I did for Batman v Superman a couple of years back. I did several options for the character. It really was an honor working on such an amazing project with such an incredible team,” he wrote.

You can check out his early designs below.

And here’s the design they went with for the movie:

Would you have preferred if they went in the direction of these early designs, or are you happy with the Doomsday that made it into Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Let me know in the comments below.