Joe Manganiello just had lunch with Deathstroke creator Marv Wolfman

Amid rumors that The Batman script was starting over from scratch, Joe Manganiello seemed unsure if he’d still play Deathstroke when asked about it last month. Fortunately, it seems like that doubt can be put to rest now.

Comic book writer and Deathstroke co-creator Marv Wolfman had lunch with Manganiello this afternoon, and is confident that movie fans will get the Deathstroke that they need and deserve! Check out his Facebook post about it below:

Manganiello then replied on Twitter:

I suppose it still remains to be seen if The Batman is where we’ll see Manganiello show up as Deathstroke, but one thing is clear… he’s very committed to this role and has the seal of approval from the man who created him.