DC Films boss hilariously debunks rumor of four Batman movies in 2019

Here at Batman News, I only report news and rumors from reliable sources. I don’t want to waste your time or have you get excited over something that has no chance of being true. So hopefully you don’t even know this, but last week there was a ridiculous rumor going around the internet on crappy websites that said Warner Bros. was planning to release four Batman movies in 2019.

Would that be awesome? Of course! But it wasn’t worth getting excited over since it didn’t come from a reliable source. Thankfully, we can put that silly rumor to bed now. DC Films co-head Jon Berg just debunked it on Twitter in a very funny way.

Berg has been debunking ridiculous rumors lately. Last month he joked about the rumor that Justice League was 3 hours long. It very well could be, but it’s way too early for anyone to know the final run time right now.