Batman ’66 Meets the Legion of Superheroes one-shot coming this July

Well this is surprising.

Once the Batman ’66/Wonder Woman ’77 crossover concludes, our favorite Caped Crusaders will return for a one-shot crossover with the Legion of Superheroes.  That’s kind of left field and just a little bit insane, but let’s see where it goes.

As reported by 13th Dimension, the one-shot will serve as the finale to the Batman ’66 comic, at least for the time being.  Appropriately enough, the issue will be handled by the very capable Mike, Laura, and Lee Allred.  The Allreds are no strangers to the world of Batman ’66, of course: Mike and Laura have provided the covers to pretty much every issue of the comic series to date, and the trio were the geniuses behind the brilliant final issue of the main series proper.

The issue will premiere digitally in June and in print this July.  In the mean time, head over to 13th Dimension for some absolutely crazy interior art, and see just how many references to classic Silver Age stories you can spot.