New ‘Gotham’ trailer features a Catwoman throwback to ‘Batman Returns’

Gotham finally returns next week from its long winter hiatus, and FOX released a new trailer today to let everyone know.

The thing that stood out to me was a scene that looks like it was ripped right out of Batman Returns. We see Selina Kyle laying lifeless on the ground with some broken glass around her, like she was just pushed out of a window. A cat comes by, and I can only imagine there will be a few more behind it to bring Ms. Kyle back to life. That’s exactly how Michelle Pfeiffer transformed into Catwoman in Batman Returns, so it’ll interesting to see how the Gotham version plays out.

There’s lots more villains featured in the new trailer, so check it out in full above. Gotham season 3 returns Monday, April 24 on FOX.