‘Justice League’ actor: The movie has humor, but the opening scene is “pretty dark”

Red Carpet News TV caught up with Game of Thrones actor Michael McElhatton about his role in Justice League. McElhatton couldn’t talk about who he was playing, but he did talk a bit about the movie.

When asked if the trailers are a good representation of what fans can expect in the final movie, McElhatton replied that there’s going to be “a lot more humor” in Justice League than there was in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Don’t expect a comedy, though. McElhatton says he played a role in the movie’s opening scene, and it was “pretty dark”.

“I found that the scene I did, which is a big opening scene, was pretty dark in its tone. But in a good way. It wasn’t comic booky, but I think you can thread a certain amount of humor through it, which maybe the previous one was lacking,” McElhatton said.

McElhatton went on to praise Justice League director Zack Snyder. Check out the full video interview below.