Ben Affleck’s Batman stunt double talks ‘Batman v Superman’ and ‘Suicide Squad’ work

Andy DiGenova co-hosts the Batman News podcast (don’t worry, it’s coming back soon!), but he also hosts his own podcast called Holy BatCast. This week Richard Cetrone, Ben Affleck’s Batman stunt double, was a guest on the show, and told lots of cool stories from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad.

The first big piece of news was about the Knightmare Batman scene in Batman v Superman. Cetrone said that they decided to add that scene while they were in the middle of shooting the movie — it wasn’t part of the original script. Cetrone said it only took about a day or two to shoot that sequence, but he had trouble sleeping the night before so he was running on an hours’ worth of sleep while working on it. He was critical of his performance, but I don’t think many fans noticed any missteps. It was awesome!

Suicide Squad was director David Ayer’s movie, but executive producer Zack Snyder had some influence on it. Snyder asked Cetrone to be the Batman stunt double on Suicide Squad in order to keep Batman’s movement and fighting style consistent with what was established in Batman v Superman.

This was a funny Suicide Squad bit… it was Cetrone who was carrying Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn to the Batmobile, but Ben Affleck who got to give her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Cetrone and Affleck joked around with each other about their roles in that scene.

As you’ve heard, Jared Leto stayed in character as The Joker while shooting Suicide Squad, and he had an awkward interaction with Cetrone’s Batman between takes!

They were shooting part of the scene where Batman is on top of The Joker’s car, and they had to take a break to adjust the lights and touch up Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn makeup. This didn’t make the movie, but Batman uses a power saw to cut a hole in the roof of the car to get to The Joker. So here’s Jared Leto, in character between takes, looking up at Batman on top of him. Leto was making creepy sounds, saying things like “you’re a cute one, hahaha”. Cetrone smiled, but then remembered the stories on set of Leto always being in character. He immediately turned that smile into a scowl and played Leto’s own game with him! That must have been an incredible moment on set while the cameras weren’t even rolling.

And of course Cetrone talks all about the awesome warehouse scene from Batman v Superman (they called it the “Martha Rescue” internally). That discussion begins around the 43:38 mark, but you can listen to the awesome full interview in the audio player below.

SOURCE: Holy BatCast