‘Wonder Woman’ director working to let cancer patient see the movie early

The power of social media can be a wonderful thing. It can get you a prom date with a celebrity, a years’ supply of chicken nuggets, or even grant you a lifelong wish.

Last week Karyn Bradley tweeted to Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins that her sister Mel was dying of cancer and may not make it to the June 2nd release date. She had a short bucket list which included a trip to Paris, meeting rock star Steven Tyler, meeting actor Johnny Depp, and seeing Wonder Woman.

DC fans quickly took notice of Karyn’s tweets, and the hashtag #melswish spread around the internet for most of the week. So much so that it caught the attention of Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins! Jenkins said she’s working hard to figure out a way to make Mel’s Wonder Woman wish come true.

It’s nice to see that Twitter isn’t just a place for trolls and negative feedback. It was great to see the DC community come together for a great cause!