Suicide Squad #16 review


Perfection. Sheer perfection.



If you’ve been following Suicide Squad since it’s Rebirth, then you know that a lot has happened over the course of fifteen issues. Everything up to this point has felt like one, ever-growing, story as Williams masterfully intertwines plot and character arcs together. Consequences have played an active role in the narrative – an aspect that has only strengthened the story and its characters. The close of “Burning Down the House” marked the first time that I felt a solid sense of closure in Suicide Squad since its launch, and that intrigued me as to what would come next.  Would there be a drastically different tone? Would previous plots be left hanging? If you – like me – wondered any of these things, then fear not. I couldn’t be happier with the start of this next chapter.

The best way I can describe the flow of Suicide Squad, is to compare it to a television series. The Rebirth issue, as well as issues one through fifteen, all feel as though they make up the first season of a series. Those issues tell their story, but there’s still unfinished business involving certain plots and characters. So how does Williams kick off this issue? With Lex Luthor of course!

Amanda Waller pays Lex Luthor a visit, and holy cow is it delicious! Honestly, if the entire issue had been nothing but Lex and “The Wall” conversing, I wouldn’t have been mad. Williams’ masterclass writing shines through as Lex and Waller dance through an inquisitive, passive aggressive, politically correct war of words in an attempt to try and uncover each other’s motives. Point blank, this is damn good writing, and something most DC writers could take some pointers from! I won’t give too much away, just know that you’re going to enjoy every panel of these two powerhouses going toe-to-toe with one another… and a single punch won’t be thrown.

If you’re hankering for a little action though, don’t worry because there’s a nice dose of that as well. As expected, the Squad delivers on this aspect. In true form, Waller isn’t just paying Lex a visit, she’s serving as a distraction. Lex has something she wants, and her Squad is there to make sure she gets it. The further you get into the issue, the clearer the pieces become. Waller’s purpose, the Squad’s mission, and the need for Lex becomes apparent by the end of the book, and all of it concludes in an unexpected way.

The big surprise for me here, is the humor though! Williams has always managed to throw in humor into his issues, but he is on fire in this chapter! Forget this being the funniest issue of Suicide Squad I’ve ever read, this is probably one of the funniest issues of any comic book that I’ve ever read! I laughed (out loud) on multiple occasions! Naturally, Boomer is the butt of the jokes (would we really have it any other way?), and they alone are worth purchasing this book! I keep saying it, but if you’re not reading Suicide Squad, you’re missing out! This is one of the most engaging titles at DC, and well worth your time and money!


The Art: I could hug Tony S. Daniel! While I respect Romita, I’ve never been a huge fan of his style. But Daniel… That’s some art I can get behind! I enjoyed every single panel of this issue, and I haven’t been able to say that for a while now! Yeah, Boomer looks a little sleazy and gaunt, but if we’re being honest, that’s probably how he would really look.


Breakdowns for this issue can be found in the spoiler tag.


The Good:

Lex & Waller. I mentioned it earlier, but the dialogue between Lex Luthor and Amanda Waller is pure gold! I hope we get to see more of these two together in the future, because they work off of each other incredibly well!


Someone lend Boomer a hand. I thought this was one of the funniest moments I’ve read in comics! It’s so random, but something that would only happen to Digger.

What makes it even better, is Enchantress’ attempt to correct the issue. Harley’s comment is equally enjoyable!


Forever Evil. One of the best aspects of Forever Evil was Lex’s arc, especially his relationship with Bizarro. I know this is a minor thing, and probably won’t amount to too much, but I like the idea that Lex has continued his experiments. I also like the fact that he appears to be trying to cross Bizarro with Doomsday.


Chomping Super Lex. I kept waiting for Super Lex’s appearance. I knew it was coming, but I definitely didn’t expect Harley to bite his head.


Kryptonite. I loved that Waller was only after kryptonite, and that Lex actually tried to give it to her at the very beginning. The action is subtle, but says so much about both persons in a very simple way.

Zod. “God help us all…” “No, doctor. God help our enemies.” Yeah, those lines are terrifying!


The Bad:

Uh… Where in the hell is Katana? I have a feeling she’s potentially getting some form of punishment for chopping off Deadshot’s arm.


Recommended If:

  • You want humor, action, and great dialogue!
  • Tony S. Daniel’s art is amazing.
  • You want a preview of what’s to come in Suicide Squad.


Overall: Sometimes less is more, so I won’t say much… Go read this book! If you’re behind catch up. You can thank me later!


SCORE:  10/10