Rumor: ‘Back to the Future’ director Robert Zemeckis in talks for ‘The Flash’

Update 4/28/17: It doesn’t look like Robert Zemeckis will be directing The Flash, unless Warner Bros. is willing to wait until at least 2020. Universal and DreamWorks Pictures just announced that Zemeckis will be directing a movie for them for a November 2018 release.

Warner Bros. has parted ways with two directors for The Flash over the last couple of years. They’re currently rewriting the script and trying to find a third. According to a new rumor, they may be getting close.

In the video above, Screen Junkies says they’ve heard that Robert Zemeckis, director of the Back to the Future franchise, has had several meetings with Warner Bros. about directing The Flash. The Wrap reporter Umberto Gonzalez confirmed that the two parties have met, but cautioned that Warner Bros. is meeting with other directors as well.

The guy who directed a trilogy about time travel sure seems like he’d be a good fit for The Flash. Would you like to see Robert Zemeckis take over The Flash? Let me know in the comments below.