Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday, May 6

It’s the first weekend in May, so that means it’s Free Comic Book Day!  Be sure to head down to your favorite local comic shop and spend some time with your fellow fans, and pick up some cool free comics while you’re at it.

Like last year, DC isn’t offering a whole lot as far as free comics, but the two titles on the slate are promising: a special edition of Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott’s excellent Wonder Woman #1 and a preview of the upcoming DC Super Hero Girls: Summer Olympus.  Those make sense, too, considering the Wonder Woman movie is less than a month away and the Super Hero Girls property is going strong.

Fun fact: Shea Fontana, writer of DC Super Hero Girls, is writing a five-issue arc on Wonder Woman starting with issue 26.  It’s all connected, guys.

Besides free comics, which are always nice, this is a great chance to support your favorite comic book shop, so be sure to pick up that trade you’ve had your eye on or grab a few back issues you’ve been looking for.  Don’t be shy about sharing your hauls either, whether here or on Twitter.  We’re all fans and we love discussing comics and admiring collections.

For more information, including the rest of the available comics and sponsored locations, head to the official Free Comic Book Day website.