‘Beauty and the Beast’ star Josh Gad wants to play The Penguin

Last month a fan on Twitter asked Beauty and the Beast star Josh Gad what his dream role would be. Gad’s reply? “Penguin in Batman or anything in Star Wars“.

That tweet seemed to slide under the radar, but on Tuesday fans definitely noticed another Batman related tweet. Gad posted a picture of The Penguin. No comment, just a picture of The Penguin.

Immediately my Twitter timeline and email inbox was filled with “Has Josh Gad been cast as The Penguin?!” messages. Probably not. Unless you’re The Rock, actors aren’t usually allowed to reveal information like that before an official announcement from the studio.

We’ve seen this many times before, actors will campaign for a role and try to get fan interest in the hopes that they do actually land the role that they want. And in this case, we know that The Penguin would be a dream come true for Gad.

Would you like to see Josh Gad play The Penguin in one of the Batman related movies that Warner Bros. is working on, or is there someone else you’d like to see in the role? Let me know in the comments below.