Diane Lane doesn’t think ‘Justice League’ will be better than ‘The Avengers’

Diane Lane, who plays Superman’s mom Martha Kent in the DC Films universe, was surprisingly honest during an interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

A fan called in and asked Lane two questions. One… could she share any Justice League spoilers? And two… will it be better than The Avengers? “No and no”, Lane replied with a laugh. “Short, but honest. I hate to disappoint,” she said. Lane also admitted that it’s weird playing Henry Cavill’s mom sometimes because he’s so hot! You can watch her reply at the 1:41 mark in the video below.

It’s rare for an actor to be honest like this about a movie they’re in, but we’ve seen it before. Last year Jeremy Irons said that Batman v Superman deserved the “kicking” it got from critics.

Update: Diane Lane’s publicist chimes in on her Justice League / Avengers comments

What do you make of Lane’s comments about Justice League? Are you as surprised as me by her honesty? Let me know below!