Josh Gad finally breaks his silence on those Penguin teases

Beauty and the Beast star Josh Gad made headlines this month when he tweeted out a picture of The Penguin from Batman. Gad continued to tease fans with simple emoji responses when asked about it on social media.

Thankfully, MTV’s Josh Horowitz caught up Gad at the MTV Movie & TV Awards last weekend to get an answer as to what’s going on. “Just having some fun,” Gad replied.

Gad went on to say that he wouldn’t be against playing the Penguin in The Batman and that he’d love to do. “It’s all ‘we’ll see'”, he said. “Just putting it out in the ether.” You can check out his full response in the video above.

Gad’s comments seem to confirm what a lot of fans assumed: he’s just trying to generate some buzz and get his name out there. Tyrese Gibon has been doing that for years. He really wants to play Green Lantern!

VIA: Screen Rant