Report: Billy Crudup drops out of ‘The Flash’ (update: nope!)

Update: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Billy Crudup has not dropped out of The Flash. Entertainment Weekly’s original report is below.

The Flash is currently looking for a new director, and apparently it’s going to need a new dad for Ezra Miller as well.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Billy Crudup, who was cast as Henry Allen, has dropped out of The Flash. Crudup has a cameo in Justice League and was featured in the latest trailer (screenshot above).

If this news is true, it’s unclear how Warner Bros. will proceed. They could always just cut out his Justice League scene, as I’m sure it’s a very minor role. They could even recast him and get a new actor to play Henry Allen during any reshoots that are planned. Or they could leave Crudup in Justice League and get a new actor for The Flash, but that seems like the less likely option to me.

Earlier this month while promoting his new movie Alien: Covenant, Crudup said that he didn’t know when he was starting work on The Flash.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly