DC Films producer has “every expectation” that Ben Affleck will star in ‘The Batman’

Warner Bros.

Earlier this year a different rumor about Ben Affleck and The Batman came out nearly every day. He is directing, he’s not directing (that one was true). He will star, he won’t star. Those rumors have died done as of late, but Joblo caught up with DC Films producer Charles Roven to get his thoughts.

When asked if there’s any fear of Affleck not starring in The Batman, Roven explained that he has “every expectation” that he will. Here’s his full response:

When Affleck decided not to direct THE BATMAN and Matt Reeves stepped in, I think people were afraid that Ben may not reprise the role. Is there any fear of that?

I mean, I’m not really involved with THE BATMAN, but from everything… We have a cursory involvement because that character is going to touch us some way. If Ben plays that character it’s going to touch some part of what we are doing. But I have no feeling whatsoever except positive that Matt loves Ben and the work that he has done as Batman, and Ben thinks that Matt is a really terrific filmmaker. I have every expectation that they are going to make a movie together.

Roven’s role was reduced after the backlash to Batman v Superman. Now instead of producing all DC movies like he’s done since 2005, he’ll only be involved in sequels to the movies he was working on pre-Batman v Superman. That includes movies like Suicide Squad 2, Wonder Woman 2, and Justice League 2.

And while Roven isn’t producing The Batman, he’s close enough to Warner Bros. and the DC Films universe to know what’s going on. If he believes there’s no truth to the rumors that Affleck will drop out of The Batman completely, then that’s worth taking to the bank.