Ben Affleck does his Batman voice for charity on NBC’s Red Nose Day special (video)

Last week Ben Affleck said that he’d be doing his Batman voice on NBC’s Red Nose Day special, and he delivered!

Red Nose Day is a charity that uses entertainment to raise awareness and money to help kids in need around the world. Last night, Affleck was part of a skit that took place towards the beginning of the show. It started with kids asking for sweet requests like nice schools and clean water, but then the comedy rolled in.

One kid’s wish was for Ben Affleck to do his Batman voice. “Your wish is my command,” Affleck replied. The kid was unimpressed, however. “Noooo! Do it the way Christian Bale does it,” he complained.

“Your wish is my command!,” Affleck said in a deeper tone. Still unimpressed, the kid just wanted Christian Bale to do it instead. Check out the funny exchange in the video above.

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