Josh Gad poses with DC Films presidents and a Penguin comic

Last month, Josh Gad posted a picture of The Penguin on Twitter without a caption. Last night, the Beauty and the Beast actor took his Penguin rumors to a whole new level!

Gad posted a photo of himself inside the DC Comics offices posing with the DC Films presidents Geoff Johns and Jon Berg. Gad can be seen holding a Batman comic with The Penguin on it. “Nothing to see here…,” he wrote on Twitter.

A few weeks ago when confronted about these Penguin rumors, Gad admitted that he was “just having some fun”. But all of that fun appears to have led to a meeting with DC Comics! If that meeting was about an actual role in a future DC movie like The Batman or just a friendly “hello” still remains to be seen, however.

What do you make of this latest development between Josh Gad, DC Comics, and The Penguin? Let me know in the comments below!