Producer talks ‘Wonder Woman’ development process and ‘Justice League’ reshoots

A few weeks ago, Collider caught up with DC Films producer Charles Roven to talk about Wonder Woman and even Justice League. Roven spent the beginning of the interview talking about the development process of Wonder Woman and revealed that the movie had more writers on it than any other movie he’s been a part of. He goes on to explain how Geoff Johns and Patty Jenkins got involved, and why they didn’t receive writing credit.

When it came to Justice League, Roven talked about the struggles of trying to get all of the actors together this summer for reshoots. Henry Cavill is off shooting the next Mission Impossible movie, Jason Momoa is in Australia shooting Aquaman, and Amy Adams is shooting a new movie of her own. Roven explained that the upcoming reshoots will be the first for Justice League (debunking previous rumors about reshoots), and said that they’ve also done some motion capture for CGI characters.

Here’s a full rundown of what’s discussed in the interview. It’s 22 minutes long but worth it if you’re curious about the movie making process. You can check out the full video above.

  • Goes into detail about the script development of the film, starting with two separate scripts way back when.
  • How did the tone of the film evolve?
  • Talks about how Patty Jenkins’ vision changed the film.
  • The lack of deleted scenes and how the reshoots only involved small bits here and there.
  • Was there any trepidation about having Wonder Woman kill after backlash over Superman in Man of Steel?
  • Talks about Atlas Entertainment and Paramount backing out of Triple Frontier.
  • Talks about making Twelve Monkeys at Syfy.
  • Justice League Talks about the impending reshoots. (*Note this interview was conducted before the news broke of Zack Snyder leaving the film).
  • Talks about the stigma surrounding reshoots and long production.

SOURCE: Collider