First Look: Batman/Elmer Fudd

Be vewwy quiet.  It’s Bat season.

In what is surely the weirdest crossover in quite some time, Looney Tunes‘ own Elmer Fudd will soon be making his way to Gotham to match wits with the Batman.  That is insane, so of course I’m super pumped for this book.

DC Comics have teased a few pages on their Twitter account, highlighting penciler Lee Weeks’ stunning noirish style.  It has everything: rainy streets, a seedy bar (Porky’s.  Brilliant), and a trench-coated figure who looks like he’s seen too many rainy days.

Tom King, writer of the one-shot, has also shared a few looks at Weeks’ work.  Even though this is a silly concept in paper, this crossover is shaping up to be something special.

Batman/Elmer Fudd Special #1 will release June 28.