‘Wonder Woman’ won’t have an extended cut on Blu-ray, and the reason’s quite simple

Last year Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had a 3 hour “Ultimate Edition”, which was director Zack Snyder’s intended cut of the movie. Suicide Squad followed with its own extended cut on home video, so will Wonder Woman follow that trend when it’s released on DVD and Blu-ray later this year? The answer is no.

The reason for Wonder Woman not having an extended cut is quite simple: there aren’t any deleted scenes. Director Patty Jenkins explained how close the final cut was to her first cut in a new interview with Collider. Check out an excerpt below:

“You know, it’s not like a long journey didn’t happen but what amazes me is how little has actually changed from the first cut other than tightening. Little changes to the final battle, that was really it. I think that what I ended up finding about the final battle was I was hitting emotional points for Diana that I really wanted to hit but I felt a craving for some other kinds of emotional gratification and engagement that we tried to accentuate even more. I think what you learn is rhythm, tone, humor where the jokes are happening but in our case, I just now can finally say all this. We didn’t cut one scene in this movie nor did we change the order of one scene in this movie from the script that we went in shooting with.”

SOURCE: Collider