SPOILERS: Something important happens in Batman #24 and if you Google it, you’re gonna get spoiled

In tomorrow’s Batman #24 *comic chief crashes through skylight and shouts into bullhorn* blah blah blah, this is Andrew Asberry protecting you from spoilers some more because the first couple lines of text in any of our articles always show up in a preview blahblahblah. Yeah, I also changed the headline. Doot-doot-doo…The mint chocolate Hershey’s bar is finally back after 20 years but it’s only at Wal-Mart, what’s up with that? And speaking of things coming back after 20 years– Twin Peaks. Lots of crazy stuff on Twin Peaks. Anyway, this should be enough stalling to keep this off the preview page *vanishes*

In tomorrow’s Batman #24, Batman is going to pop the big question to Catwoman!

In the preview images in the gallery below, you can see the Dark Knight get down on one knee with a ring in his hand, asking Catwoman to “Marry me”.

It’s the culmination of their 75-year relationship “into one unprecedented moment,” Batman writer Tom King told USA Today. “I want people to go home and be like, ‘Should she marry him? Should she say yes?’ There’s a whole conversation that could come out of this.”

Stay tuned to Batman News tomorrow for our full thoughts and review on this big moment in Batman #24!