Patty Jenkins isn’t signed on for ‘Wonder Woman 2’ yet, but negotiations will be interesting

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins has already publicly expressed her ideas for a sequel, but contrary to what you may have heard, she’s not actually under contract for Wonder Woman 2… yet.

The Hollywood Reporter says that while Gal Gadot’s deal includes sequels, Patty Jenkins was just signed for one movie. That decision is likely to cost the studio millions, because Wonder Woman just had a huge $100+ million opening weekend, besting Warner Bros.’s estimates of $65 million.

Now, Patty Jenkins has all the power when it comes to negotiating a return for Wonder Woman 2. THR says that talks will begin soon, and that Jenkins could land a bigger deal that would allow her to work with DC Films president Geoff Johns on the script, as well as other DC movie scripts. Jenkins and Johns collaborated on the Wonder Woman script together, though they didn’t receive credit due to Writer’s Guild rules.

THR says that Justice League Dark and Batgirl have been the main focuses over at Warner Bros., however after Wonder Woman’s success I wouldn’t be surprised if a sequel was announced next month at Comic-Con, with Justice League Dark being pushed to the back burner.

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SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter