DC Films president Geoff Johns explains what their movies need going forward

Last year after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was slammed by critics, Warner Bros. began making some changes and rethinking how they’d make DC movies going forward.

DC Entertainment president Geoff Johns was paired with producer Jon Berg last spring to run the DC Films division at Warner Bros., and while Wonder Woman was already in production before they took over, it seems like a good example of what fans can expect in the future.

So what’s the philosophy moving forward? “Get to the essence of the character and make the movies fun. Just make sure that the characters are the characters with heart, humor, hope, heroics, and optimism at the base,” Geoff Johns told The Wrap after a Wonder Woman screening last month.

What do you make of this new philosophy at Warner Bros. and DC? Let me know in the comments below.

SOURCE: The Wrap