Titans #12 review

Titans 12


I can’t tell you how happy I am to move past “The Lazarus Contract.” Nothing worthwhile really came from the story, aside from a few transitions that were randomly included at the end. Thankfully, Abnett uses Titans #12 to remind readers of the (much better) storylines he’d initiated prior to “The Lazarus Contract.”


The best way I can describe Titans #12, is to compare it to television/ film attributes. Most of the issue has a “Previously on Titans” type of feel that precedes a number of television shows recapping the audience of minor details that have occurred in previous episodes and seasons. But this issue is more than your standard regurgitation of events… It’s more like deleted scenes with commentary.

One-by-one, page-by-page Abnett teases us with the mess he’s made of the Titans (I mean that in a good way). Each character is in a bit of a predicament based on something they’ve done, learned, or encountered, and any of these situations could quickly and easily spiral out of control.

What I love about this issue, is that I’m not overly happy about any of the circumstances. I like these characters, and none of them are in a great place right now. They just got back together, and I want to see them happy for a little while, not falling apart because of internal conflict… But I’d be fibbing if I didn’t say I’m anxiously awaiting to see how all of this unfolds.

Another aspect worth praising – aside from the individual plots – is how Abnett decided to approach this issue. This recap could have easily been one big misstep, but it wasn’t. In a brilliant move, Abnett covered all of these issues by having Omen and Psimon battle out a war of their minds. Lilith needed a spotlight, and she gets it here! She’s bound to surprise you, and the dialogue between Omen and Psimon is great, so soak it up!

There’s not much new information here, so don’t expect anything drastic, but the issue brilliantly returns the focus of Titans to the stories we’re dying to get to! Good bye “Lazarus Contract,” and hello future stories!


The Art: Rocafort steps in to cover art, and as I’ve said before, I’m a huge fan of his work! I love the realism and the expression he gives his characters. He does a stellar job of expanding the stories with the use of body language, and his layouts really add to the narrative. I’d love to see him work more consistently… Maybe Birds of Prey if they get a new creative team? Just saying…

Breakdowns for this issue can be found in the spoiler tag.



Recommended if:

  • You want to read a team book (consisting of heroes) that’s actually good!
  • There are so many plot threads taking place that you get the sense that anything could happen at any moment.
  • If you’re not a fan of Lilith, you will be after this issue!


Overall: Despite the lackluster that was “The Lazarus Contract,” “Bad Omen” returns Titans to the quality we’ve come to expect from this title. Dan Abnett does an outstanding job of reminding readers where each of these characters are personally without the narrative feeling stale. Rocafort adds to the script by beautifully capturing each character and scene, and itching to see more of his work. The real winner here is Lilith though! Talk about a knockout moment for her as a character!


SCORE: 8/10

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