Scott Snyder confirms All-Star Batman is ending as a monthly title; new formats coming soon

In a shocking bit of news, Scott Snyder has revealed that All-Star Batman will be ending as a monthly title after issue 14.  Speaking with Comic Book Resources, Snyder confirms that while the title is ending as a monthly, the stories he planned to tell with artists like Paul Pope and Sean Gordon Murphy are still coming.

From the interview:

Essentially, I have started working on the arc with Sean [Murphy] already, and DC has been really excited about some new formats that they’re creating. Part of it is tied a lot of exciting editorial changes that they announced about a month ago. They’re creating bold, new initiatives – new lanes to drive in creatively – for creators to tell the kinds of stories like I was telling in All Star. They are artist-centric and a little bit left of center in ways that put the artist first, with a new artist format and with a new level of sophistication in terms of allowing for content that’s a bit more, how do I say this without spoiling stuff — adult, I guess.

Details about these format changes are scarce at this time, but I’m really intrigued.  Is this move to a prestige format an indication of more OGNs and limited series?  Good plan, if you ask me.

It’s sad to see All-Star Batman go, as it’s one of the most consistently interesting titles on DC’s slate.  If it paves the way for more creative freedom and inspired storytelling, though, then that’s an acceptable silver lining.  More as we hear it regarding these editorial and format changes too.

In the meantime, All-Star Batman continues its current arc “The Last Ally” in next week’s issue 11.

SOURCE: Comic Book Resources