Amber Heard’s trainer on ‘Aquaman’ prep: “She is a true athlete”

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Amber Heard shared several photos and videos of her training for Aquaman leading up to the start of production last month. People caught up with one of her trainers, Gunnar Peterson, to learn exactly what it took to transform herself into Mera.

“She wanted to deliver for the character,” Peterson said. Heard would train four to five times a week, “for a non-stop, no-breaks hour with me, and THEN she went to her fight training, which was rigorous!” he added.

“Everything was athletically based. We trained movements, not muscles,” Peterson continued. “Squat presses, sled work and lots of work in a rotational plane against resistance. She is a true athlete.”

“She was so consistent,” he said. “Without her being so committed, the results would not have happened.”

“She could not have been better!” Peterson concluded. “If I could bottle her drive and conviction I’d sell that as a pre-workout drink!”

Heard is back in Los Angeles this weekend. I’m assuming that Aquaman production in Australia is on hold for a bit. This week, Jason Momoa was spotted in London for the Justice League reshoots.

SOURCE: People