New Warner Bros. president is ready to compete with Marvel; admires R-rated superhero movies

Warner Bros. has a new president and chief content officer named Toby Emmerich. Variety sat down with him as he steps into his new role to talk about his plans for the future, and a lot of it has to do with DC Comics movies.

One of Emmerich’s first priorities is familiarizing himself with the world of DC Comics, so that Warner Bros. can better compete with their big rival, Marvel Studios.

“I don’t speak comic,” Emmerich admitted. “I do feel like I speak motion pictures. I speak for an audience. I look and ask, ‘How does this work for a general audience?’”

DC Films president Geoff Johns doesn’t think that Emmerich’s lack of comics knowledge will be an issue. “He understands that when we’re talking about the characters, we’re not just talking about what their powers are,” Johns said. “We’re talking about who they are as people.”

Emmerich told Variety that he admires violent, irreverent and very adult comic-book movies such as Logan and Deadpool. “I would be surprised if we didn’t at some point make an R-rated DC movie,” he teased.

Emmerich said that Patty Jenkins is already working on Wonder Woman 2, and that it will take place in the past, but not during World War 1 like the last movie. “It will take place somewhere between 1917 and 2017,” he joked.

SOURCE: Variety